Who We Are

We are dreamers, walkers on the spiritual path, seekers of truth, researchers in Transpersonal Psychology, and experts in psycho/spiritual growth. We are relentlessly devoted to creating the best version of ourselves and our Egyptian society by connecting every individual to their best self and every institution to its ultimate efficiency. We continue to develop methods that can help people realize their full potentials and shed light on the roads to turning every challenge into opportunity.

Our Belief

We Believe that we are eternal souls born into ephemeral earthly existences. Throughout our earthly journey, we are not one or the other we are both. The wholeness and balance of our souls and bodies are the source of our inner peace. Our awareness of that important connection and our continuous pursuit of maintaining said balance helps us all become instruments of peace that contribute positively and efficiently in the symphony of life.

As the soul finds wholeness in its earthly existence one’s personal innate potentials are awakened and that triggers an all-around evolution of the spirit, psychology and functionality.

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives make finding that wholeness and inner peace challenging, and their absence from our lives create endless conflicts within ourselves that are reflected in the world around us, depleting our energies and stunting our creative and proactive potentials and capabilities. This in turn makes it impossible for us to sustain healthy personal and professional relationships and we find ourselves falling into endless cycles of toxic patterns.

We believe that there is an urgent need for awakening, in Egypt and all around the world; it is essential for the human race to find ways to get in touch with their inherent moral compasses and remember the great teachings of all the Teachers of humanity and all the heavenly revelations; the teachings that all invite the human race to live in peace, spread peace, help one another, accept our differences and be sure that we all are one human family beyond our diversities.

Devolopment By Ranin Saad