What We do

We make psycho spirituality and self healing available everywhere and to everyone.Through courses and workshops that include knowledgable forms of ancient and modern psychological and spiritual practices, we inspire people to rediscover their souls’ potential and utilize its wisdom and beauty in their daily behaviors as their inner voice manifests into actions. We support our participants to discover inner maps that help them connect to their souls’ calling and reach balance in their daily lives within themselves and in all their relationships.


We can clearly see a self-realized version of Egypt; balanced, integrated and socially responsible.


As spiritual travelers and researchers in transpersonal psychology we continue to develop methods that can help people realize their potentials and shed light on the roads to turning every challenge into opportunity.

we continue to develop versatile methods for awakening and enhancing psycho-spiritual balance and wholeness in the Egyptian community, individuals and institutions. It fulfills its mission through supplying humans with tools and skills needed as well as applying the “ Be Yourself ” culture throughout homes, schools

Devolopment By Ranin Saad