Maaman Rafea


Maaman believed that life with its ups and downs is a journey where the ultimate goal is to explore one's real identity. That is her personal definition of why we are here on this earth. She thinks that the society she grew up in is one where inherited common norms and values put much pressure on individuals to conform to what the society expects them to be, ignoring the true identity of what they really are. Since childhood, Maaman always rejected the given human formula which is forced on by social pressures. She has always believed that there is something deeper, loftier and simpler that decides who we really are; our true selves that God has created us with and that have a great influence on the ways we think, believe, and behave. External elements are not the only factors that affect our being.

While searching innately for this genuine seed that God implanted in her, and in every human being, Maaman wanted to her experience by designing her pioneer personal growth program for children Ethics Through Art. She wanted to help small kids to find their own special way to discover his/her true identity, and to grow up to believe that we complement each other in revealing our original existence, our message and our mission on this planet.

As she is an amateur artist who does drawings as well as paintings, Maaman found in art a wonderful means to express her true self freely. That is why she made of art a vital tool for children to explore and express their true identity or who they really are. As social and educational studies have proven that 75% of an individual's personality is formed during his first seven years, Maaman guided children to keep connection with their innate purity in which all morals reside. She made of her program Ethics Through Art an opportunity to teach children tools to help them to maintain and express their true self, and also protects them from external domination. Maaman also believed that she would learn from those spontaneous and innocent souls just as they were going to learn from her and maybe more.

Devolopment By Ranin Saad