How we do it

We call out to public and private companies, institutions and organizations and offer our tailored courses that help them achieve the highest levels of efficiency with an over all positive attitude while surpassing the usual levels of employee contentment and peace.

We offer our services free of charge to care takers and children at public schools, orphanages and care facilities to enhance harmony and achieve psychological functionality and positive behavior where it’s needed most.

We work with individuals who seek us out in their paths to self development and help them achieve psycho-spiritual balance and be in a continuous state of active awareness while acting in their daily lives.

Strategic Objectives

  • Applying our fundamental Be Yourself courses in all school stages across Egypt both private and public, in work environments, as well as individuals. 675 trainees are targeted during three years.
  • Training 30 trainers in three Years for developing the culture of social service among 300 of the newly university graduated youths as well as university students.
  • Presenting diverse programs and activities for developing life skills and creativity among different factions in ways that are in harmony with the vision and mission.
  • Activating the collective consciousness, a communication culture, and reciprocal effect among different classes of the Egyptian community through different mass media, social media, symposiums, and periodicals.


  • Constant renovation and betterment.
  • Mutual respect internally and with all members of society.
  • Precision of work.
  • Voluntary work and service are our objectives.
  • Using surplus for improvement and sustaining quality.
  • Harmony and integration of programs.
  • Keeping up healthy relationships with all.
  • Social service leads to sustainability.
  • Helping others is rewarding for both parties.
  • Workers and trainers are the capital of the foundation.
  • No gender, color, or religious bias.
Devolopment By Ranin Saad